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6ply OPAL BONNET (adult)

Materials: 1 x 150g ball Opal 6ply, pair 3.25 mm needles

Back: Cast on 36 stitches. Moss stitch 10 rows, then stocking stitch for 54 rows. Dec once at each end of needle in ext and each alternate row four times (26) sts. Cast off.

Front: Cast on 124 stitches. Knit 10 rows in moss stitch. Continue in stocking st knitting 10 moss st at each end of row for 12 rows. Reverse the stocking stitch side now to make the previous knitting a fold up hem. Continue in stocking stitch with moss stitch ends for 16cm. Cast off.

Bow: Cast on 8 sts and garter stitch for 35cm. Cast off. Knit another one the same.

Make up bonnet: Back stitch and ease the front onto the back. Sew ties in position approx 4cm from lower edge and tie in bow. Turn back the front hem and decorate with some of your favourite things. Wear with a grin.

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